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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Sanur Beach - The perfect place to relax for a full day

Sanur Beach - The perfect place to relax for a full day

Sanur Beach is the perfect place to hang out with the whole family. It’s not as crowded as Kuta Beach, but it is clean and doesn’t have any waves, the perfect place to go for everybody. Sun chairs are available for about two Dollars. Various Shops invite you to try your hand at negotiating. The promenade invites you to take a stroll around and for those who like cycling, it offers a nice opportunity to hire a bike and push those pedals.

As in every tourist place you have sales people, trying to make deals with you, but compared to Kuta it can be described as ‘not too bad’. The traffic compared to Kuta is by far less and if you would like to see a tourist place with a nice beach and full of opportunities, spend at least one day here. Sanur Beach is highly recommended to families, couples and those who would like to swim in a calm sea.

Renowned for its famous surf beaches, rich culture, bargain shopping and vibrant nightlife Bali is a favourite holiday destination for all kinds of travellers. There are so many regions to explore, each as unique and varied as the next and the warm and hospitable locals are eager to share their island with you. With a wide range of holiday experiences throughout the island, this is one destination that can provide a fantastic time for families, couples, groups and young travellers.

Although the performance obviously caters for tourists, the gorgeous setting at Pura Luhur Ulu Watu in a small amphitheatre in a leafy part of the grounds makes it one of the more evocative on the island. The views out to sea are as inspiring as the dance. It's very popular in high season.

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