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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Trekking in Hidden Paradise Bali

Explore the Caldera Batur and Sunrise with the experiences Local Bali Hiking guide,Start from Pengalangan Uludanu Songan Village and ride boat about 15 minutes to Pulak Village then we'll head up Pulak Hill at Eastern Crater of Lake Batur for amazing 360-degree views. We'll go through local areas and hike through the jungle to the eastern side of Lake Batur. We'll relax at our camp ground to enjoying spectacular view of Mt.Batur,Mt Abang,Mt,Agung and when weather clear you can see Mt.Rinjani in Lombok beside that beautiful Amed dan Tulamben beach line up on Indian Ocean before,after feel satisfied with magnificent view we back to lake and go around the lake with our own boat.

  • Enjoying Magnificent view 
  • Explore the lush landscapes with lake around
  • Round-trip hotel transport with a private driver included 
  • Admire the Caldera Batur and Sunrise.

What You Can Expect
Start your trip early morning may be around 2.00 ma depending on where your hotel, pickup by your private driver at your hotel and get comfortable in your air-conditioned private vehicle.then we drive about 2 hours to get to starting point,you can back to sleep to safe your energy, drive to starting point nothing to see because  dark.After driving 2 hours,arriving at start point our local hiking guide will explain about trekk littel bit.we will acrros the lake about 15 minutes to get to Pulak Village,after we arrive at Pulak village start walk up to the top,Arrival at the summit crater, where we will witnessing the spectacular view and sunrise. While we are waiting for sunrise, our local guide will prepare your coffee or tea.After feel satisfied enjoying sunrise then we back to boat crossing the lake stop for while at Dewi Danu Statue,may be you want to take picture.And then drive to back to hotel.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Jungle Trekking Combine canoe on the lake

Jungle Trekking Combine canoe on the lake

We offer trek in to the jungle or forest in Bali islands with professional and friendly Bali Trekking Guide will offer his best services to make your trekking is memorable one. Trek in to the tropical mountain rain forest near the Twin lake ( Buyan & Tamblingan), where flora and fauna thrive. Experience crossing the calm lake waters in a canoe. Venturing into another world under the canopy of enormous trees we encounter the wide variety of flora thriving in this unique environment: orchids, ferns, palms, fungi, vines, creepers, strangling figs and ground cover,and Enjoying the delightful sounds of abundant birdlife is constant and only the clamour of monkeys interrupts their melodies,beautifully coloured butterflies flitter through undergrowth, squirrels scurry from branch to branch in the canopy and occasionally.


  • Experience crossing the calm lake waters in canoe
  • Enjoying beautifullly coloured butterflies
  • Friendly Bali Trekking Guide.

What you expect
Jungle Trekking - Tropical Rain forest is combine between trekking on jugle and experience crossing the calm lake waters in canoe,pick up from hotel,enjoying drive with comportable vehicle with Air-conditioned- arrived at Wanagiri village where the base camp for Junggle trekking, do registration at Our Trekking office and do simple explanation about the trek we will start the trek by entering a lush protected rain-forest area with giant old tress, animal such as macaque, black giant squirrel, birds and old legend temple inside in the Jungle. You’ll then walk along the shore of this lake situated in the caldera of an extinct Jungle Mountain. Our Guide will happy to explain more detail about plants and living creatures in the jungle,This tour also  combine  with a session of thirty five minutes exploring the Tamblingan lake by dugout canoe to finishing point at Gubug Temple,after walking about 2.5-3 hours walking continued to have lunch at local restaurant.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Uluwatu & Highlight Beach oh the south of Bali

Bali's world-famous beaches lure thousands of visitors to the country’s fabulously sun-kissed shores each year. People can’t seem to get enough of the seaside nature, local customs and beach activities.Learning to surf, fishing, diving and stand-up paddle boarding – they’re all possible when you’re in Bali.
So pack your sunscreen, wrap up your sarong and prep your summer playlist, from secret bays with the ultimate surf waves, to the most family-friendly waters and dreamy diving destinations. Holiday mode is officially on!


  • Full Day private tour of South Bali
  • Explore World Famous beachse.
  • Uluwatu temple

What You Can Expect Private Tour :
Most people go to Bali for its fine collection of beaches,Start your morning with pickup by your private driver at your hotel and get comfortable in your air-conditioned private vehicle.Our first stop is East cost line of Tanjung Benoa Beach is a beautiful white sandy beach as a place for various water touirsm activities and water ride facilities available here such as Sea Walker,Parasailing,Flying fish and othes,nesxt to Geger Beach is located at about 20 minutes driver from Tanjung Benoa.Geger Beach has charming white sand,in which,when the sun highlight,it will radiate like pearl.The highlight of this tour is Experience the best sundown spot in Bali on a visit to Uluwatu Temple, a Balinese temple to the sea gods with a commanding view of the Indian Ocean. Part of a series of temples built to protect the island from evil spirits, today its cliffside location is the permanent home to a family of friendly monkeys! The last stop is Jimbaran beach to enjoying dinner,seafood cafes lining along Jimbaran beach.While enjoying dinner on the beach in very romantic atmosphere,like candle light dinner on the beach and drive back to hotel.


  • visiting famous beach
  • Uluwatu temple Cliifs & Sea a heavenly witness
  • Romantic Dinner

Monday, June 11, 2018

East Bali Tour

Bali's east coast has much to discover and this tour takes you on a full-day of discoveries. There’s something both mysterious and romantic about embarking on a road less travelled; a journey to the east coast of Bali will only confirm this. Bali’s eastern coastal region offers an ideal escape for those in search of a 'hidden' paradise. Get to know the island’s spiritual side at the Lempuyang Temple complex, the holiest of all temples set at the foot of sacred Mount Lempuyang, then visit a local plantation nearby to experience from up close the sights, aromas and flavours of exotic fruits and tropical spices, such as Arabica coffee and salak, otherwise known as snake-skin fruit. An afternoon stopover at the old Balinese village of Tenganan will then welcome you to well-preserved traditions, including the traditional basket weavings and tie-dyed cloth that this village is best known for.


  • Full-day private tour of East Bali
  • Lempuyang Temple,Ancient Mountain Temple in East Bali 
  • complex Plantation tour of coffee and spices Tenganan,an old Balinese village with well-preserved traditions  
  • Explore the lush landscapes and rich cultures of Bali's eastern region 
  • Admire the water fountains and bathing pools at the water palace of Tirta Gangga 
  • Learn about the traditional Aga people in Tenganan village 
  • Round-trip hotel transport with a private driver included  

What You Can Expect 
 East Bali Highlights Start your morning with pickup by your private guide/Driver at your hotel. Get comfortable in your air-conditioned private vehicle and take in the scenery as you motor over to the eastern side of Bali

From hotel we directly drive to Lempuyang Temple,Ancient Mountain Temple in east Bali,Lempuyang Temple, locally referred to as Pura Luhur Lempuyang, is one of Bali’s oldest and most highly regarded temples.we will be adventurous climbing the high lempuyang mountain with the surrounding forest that is still natural.the main temple lies at 1,175m above sea level, up on the peak of the namesake Mount Lempuyang in East Bali.After we enjoyed the Amazing view of Mount Agung.

Next stop is spend time at the magnificent Tirta Gangga Water Palace, one of the region's top attractions. The last king of the Karangasem Empire built the water palace in the 1940s and 50s. The name Tirta Gangga translates as 'Water of the Ganges' and indicates the sacredness of this site to the Hindu Balinese. Admire decorative ponds, statues, plants and fountains that surround the palace, then take in stunning views of the ocean and rice paddies from town,if you feel hunggry we can stop here for lunch.

Afterward, head south through the pretty coastal town of Candidasa en route to the village of Tengana, which is inhabited by Balinese Aga people who lived here long before the Majapahit Empire arrived from Java to colonize the island in the 14th century. Aga traditions are strictly maintained in this traditional village, making its architecture, weaving and batik textiles distinctive. Tour the small village on foot with your guide for a closer look at these traditions. Departing from Tengana, return along the scenic coastal road to your hotel where your tour ends with hotel drop-off in the late afternoon.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Fascinating west Bali Tour | JatiLuwih,Bedugul & Tanah Lot Temple

Marvel at Bali’s temples, villages and rice fields on a private full-day tour. Enjoy an action-packed itinerary including visits to Bedugul village, the UNESCO-listed Jatiluwih rice terraces, the Ulundanu floating temple on Lake Beratan and Pura Taman Ayun temple, get close to nature at the Bali Butterfly Park and sample Indonesia’s famous Kopi Luwak at a coffee plantation.Complete your tour at Tanah Lot Temple, known for its enchanting seaside setting and as a place to see the sunset at the end of the day. Look in wonder at the ancient Hindu shrine, perched in the crashing waves, and watch the sun melt over the horizon.


  • Full-day private tour of Bedugul village and Jatiluwih rice terraces 
  • Admire views of Pura Taman Ayun temple, Lake Beratan and the Jatiluwih rice terraces
  • Great value tour includes hotel pick-up and round-trip transport 
  • This private tour can be customized to your interests and ensures you’ll receive personalized attention from your driver

What You Can Expect 

  • Taman Ayun Temple is a combination of natural beauty and springs,It is in order with the concept of the traditional Balinese garden surrounded by an artificial river with a variety of rare plant species typical of Bali.The beauty of the landscape coupled with the sacred building.
  • Pura Ulun Danu BeratanUlun Dnau temple is one of the tour visist when a sight seeing tour is organized to visit Bedugul Mountain resirt or Singaraja tour.The location is one the west bank of the lake Beratan.The name Ulun Danu,literally means "the beginning of the lake " But this might not to claim that the site is the beginning of the a lake.It tends to indicate  that everything that exists around the lake will have the orientation to the temple site ,and cleanliness around the area must be continuously kept.
  • Jatiluwih Rice PaddiesGiving a new meaning to the word “green,” the Jatiluwih rice paddies are notable for their employment of traditional Balinese irrigation techniques. With Mount Batukaru looming in the distance, the paddies are also some of Bali’s most picturesque. Bring your hiking shoes and trek through paddies, hop over rivers, and explore a tranquil area of Bali (mostly) untouched by the traveler.
  • Bali a Butterfly park lies in the village of Wanasari north of Tabanana.Here one can find many varieties of butterflies.In this park butterflies are breaded and studied.One of the most exotic butterflies found here is the Omithoptera Paradisea,and Priamus.
  • Tanah lot Temple
  • For Balinese ,Tanah lot is one of the important and venerated sea templs.Like Pura Uluwatu,at the southern end of the island.The name of Tanah Lot Temple in tourism bibbliography about Bali almost never absent.The name Tanah Lot is probably from " Tanah Laut " means land in the sea.It is teh fact that the strong sea abrasion has separated the temple area with Bali mainland,so it looks that the temple nests on a small speck of rock building up on the ocean.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Bali Trip

Mr Suyasa Gede, our tour guide for the Bali trip, is a very professional driver and well experienced tour guide. He brought us to a lot of tourist attractions in Bali although it was just a short 4 days trip. He brought us to restaurants and we manage to taste delicious Indonesia foods. Besides, he explain their cultures to us and also answer all the questions in our mind. ( He warned us that the monkeys in the park have "special ability" to steal, so we are to pay a lot more attention on our belongings ). The itinerary was well planed so that we managed to watch beautiful sunset everyday.
So, if anyone is interested to pay a visit to Bali and hope not to miss any breathtaking views and mouthwatering food, you can contact Mr Suyasa Gede through Facebook or

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Lempuyang Temple

Lempuyang Temple,Ancient Mountain Temple in east Bali,Lempuyang Temple, locally referred to as Pura Luhur Lempuyang, is one of Bali’s oldest and most highly regarded temples.we will be adventurous climbing the high lempuyang mountain with the surrounding forest that is still natural.the main temple lies at 1,175m above sea level, up on the peak of the namesake Mount Lempuyang in East Bali.After we enjoyed the Amazing view of Mount Agung.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Trip for those who like adventure

Trip for those who like adventure

This is my first adventure to climb a mountain Batur-Kintamani, I often take tourists (guests) to climb but I have never accompanied them, usually I take a nap in the car at the time the the guest is gone, but this time I wanted to have a new experience. Before I left I was really perplexed and also I felt scared. "Would I be able to make it to the top?", because until this time I had never climbed. But my fears were overcome by my wish to know 'what does it feel like at the top (summit) and what is up there'? This question chased away my fear.
The three of us left Kuta at 2 AM, the feelings of fear returned to the point that I was thinking of not going along to climb. But the feeling of wanting to know was greater so the fear disappeared. We more or less covered the distance from Kuta in an hour and a half because there wasn't much traffic so that we could speed up a bit ( go fast) in order to arrive more quickly.
.Finally we arrived at our destination. At the start of the climb there were two trails; the one closer to Pura Jati was for those who wanted to climb to the summit starting from a further distance but a less steep ( flatter) trail. We started our climb from the other trail on the eastern slope of the trek. The air was very cold ( tiang bingung yen 'begitu', so cold, very cold, rather cold?) and it was also very dark. After we met out guide, we started to climb. Before I proceeded onward, I thought "was there anything that we needed that was at the bottom? Food? Drink?". We started to trek in the dark of the night so our guide brought us a flashlight. I was in the first group that left. I was afraid my fears would again show up because before we had traveled 30 minutes, I was out of breath because the trail was becoming steep and rocky. My friends and I walked rather slowly. Below us I was able to see a light that was moving. The closer the light got the more it moved.....the shining light was like a butterfly, the longer the time, the closer it got. Because I was hiking rather slowly, finally that group of tourists with the light went ahead of us. The farther they went the more they were lost in the dark of the night so that all that was seen was the shine of their lights.

The longer I walked, the more I was out of breath. I started to think about stopping because I was really tired, and my legs were feeling really heavy. Luckily, my guide was giving us encouragement, 'Keep going, don't give up'. Our guide kept saying we were already getting close. The color red was already starting to appear in the eastern sky, and I myself slowly walked with the remaining energy I had. The conditions were getting clearer and I began to be able to see around me. The beauty was beginning to appear, before I could only see darkness. The feeling of exhaustion started to be healed by the view that was so beautiful.
The sun began to appear, ...finally I myself arrived at the summit....I was so happy..the feelings of exhaustion disappeared as I was able to see the view from the summit. It was a really really good feeling....the view was so astonishing... beautiful very beautiful. The beauty of the view was worth the exhausting efforts!