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Friday, August 28, 2009

Jati Luwih

Jatiluwih is a beautiful rice terrace unfolding from mountain until the coastal side and to be places of interest to be visited in west part of Bali.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Moon of Pejeng

The moon of pejeng
The worlpd’s biggest kettle drum.

Kettle-drums are the most characteristic artifact o fthe proto-historic Dong-Son culture,which have speeded in the whole south-east asia,peninsulas and archipelago.Those are big bronze piece(diameter:36-126cms,high : 40-92cms),drum profile and coasted with the lost-wax techic.Most of it have been made in North Vietnam during the second half of the last millenennium and some of it have been “exported” to other regions of south-east Al,including Indonesia.
At the beginning of the Christian era,caster in Java and Bali mastered already bronze technics and some kettle-drum found in tehArchipelago are surely Indonesia made.The biggest kettle-drum has been castle in Bali;it is called The Moon of Pejeng,is 186,5 cms high with a diameter between 110cms( matle) and 160cms(tympanon).This kettle-drum still is kept and worshipped in Penataran Sasih temple( village of pejeng).We are sure it has been casted in Bali,because mould fragments with very similar decorative patterns have been dixco erred about fifteen kms from pejeng,in the village of Manuaba.
Kettle-drums are always ornamented with geomaetrical patterns,whichare usually completed with figurative representation.All kettle-drums waer a big star in the middle of the tympanon.But,the moon of Pejeng owns peculiar formal and decorative characteristic too by representation on the mantle of an heart-shaped face,with big eyes and heavy earing…the mon of pejeng inaugurates a new kind of kettle-drums called moko,nad which have been commercialized in estern Indonesia until the beginning of the XX th century.
This unique kettle-drums own its name to the legend whih explain its origins.The Moon of Pejeng is said to be one of the wheel sof the Moon’s chariot( sasish means”moon” in Balinese) fallen on the earth at pejeng.A thief discovered that wheel and urinated on it: he dies consequent and the Moon of Pejeng losted its brightness.The oldest description of this kettle-drum has been published in 1705.It has been written by aGerman naturalist and clergyman called G.E Rumphius having worked of the Dutch East India Company.In 1906,W.O.J Nieuwenkamp,a ducthh traveler and painter,was exceptionally authorized to approach the kettle-drum,to manipulate and to draw it scientifically.
This exceptional piece is fully described and analysed in the books of the world’s best expert on kettle-drums,the archaeologist A.J. Bernet-Kempers.For instance in its Monument Bali/Introduction to Baliness Archaeology&Guide to the Monuments,Singapour:Periplus,1991



As a pearl of Bali, Kuta is one of the best beaches in Asia, with the only waves, which breaks over sand instead of a coral. This most popular tourist destination has succeeded in combining the need of local people and visitors. The original Kuta villagers have involved in the tourism industry for years.Kuta and surrounding offers various kind of accommodation, from simple and cheap accommodation provided by the locals to luxurious accommodation managed by international hotel chain.Kuta’s seas are ideally best for surfing. Everyday both Balinese and foreigners are found along the golden sands of Kuta beach. Kuta area is also completed with various tourist facilities such as restaurants, pubs, bars, souvenir shops, tattoo parlors and travel offices.Along the north of Kuta, Legian street offers a number of high quality boutiques, excellent restaurants, cafes and bars influenced by western style. Exclusive hotels can be easily found in Seminyak, further north of Kuta, while antiques wooden furniture shops in Jalan Raya Kerobokan.


Jimbaran is another resort near Kuta, which the tourist are quite fond of. It’s a drowsy bay where flotillas of fishing boats blush the panorama.Jogging is widely practiced sport in Jimbaran beach and is especially tempting in the covered glow of sunset. It’s also an admired spot for windsurfing and sailing small craft, which are obtainable for rent.The quietness of Jimbaran is a perfect attraction to spend sometime while feeling the sensation of sea breeze and facing the sunset.


Located between Kuta and the airport, Tuban is a nice place to stay. Around Tuban is completed with various type of hotels and many supporting tourist facilities. Tuban beaches are safe for swimming and it is such a perfect place to unwind.

Uluwatu, Padang Padang & Bingin

These beaches are popular among surfers. Lack of supporting facilities is not an obstacle for tourist with adventure spirit to conquer the waves.Now, a number of infrastructure developments have been started to establish in these area. This means as an effort to provide a good accessibility for anyone who come there.


The main attraction of Sanur beach are the beaches with their very white sand and the beauty of constantly calm water. Sanur area has all level of accommodation and solid network of infrastructure.Sanur is also the place where the few remaining of Brahman Kuasa villages found. Some of the charming ritual procession such as Bali’s only all-female keris dance is held in this area.The Prasasti Blanjong, an emblazoned pillar here dated AD 913, is Bali’s earliest behind the times relic and is now kept in a temple in Blanjong village, southern part of Sanur.

Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is a lovely commune devoted to tourism. The objective of the establishment was to meet all demands of tourism. The most exclusive and well-known remedy in Bali offers the best in terms of tourists structures and services, well-built and efficient hotel complexes with inclusive facilities, golf course with international standards where worldwide competition are also held, luxurious shops and exclusive beaches for tourists only.The village of Bualu, in Nusa Dua area has a picturesque site as well as for its relative isolation from densely populated areas. Most of hotel in Nusa Dua is landmark of the new Balinese architecture.

Nusa Lembongan

Located in the eastern part of Bali, Nusa Lembongan is a popular place for diving and snorkeling. It has a professional dive centers and is an ideal relaxation stop for sailing trips from the mainland. Many small crafts offers day trip to the island.With the backdrop of Mount Agung, the immaculate island has spectacular scenery and offers unforgettable adventure. Nusa Lembongan’s neighboring island, Nusa Penida is less popular and tourism does not play an important role there.

Amed and Tulamben

Eastern part of Bali offers alternative destinations, which are Amed and Tulamben. Amed is a resort town that will bring back the old memory of Kuta. Completed with simple tourist supporting facilities such as Losmen, small hotels and amateur entertainment, Amed is a popular site for snorkeling.With the panorama changing drastically to dry hills covered with scrub, Tulamben is quieter and even more popular for diving. As one of the most renowned diving site in Indonesia, Tulamben offers diverse marine life and magnificent under water world.

Padang Bai

A flawlessly shaped bay cradled by the hills, Padang Bai is a perfect escape in the east of Bali. As a transit harbor to Bali neighboring islands such as Nusa Penida and Lombok, passenger and cargo vessel departing everyday.There are a few losmen provided in Padang Bai. An intimate white sandy beach and lovely harbor scenery will make the holiday in Bali even more romantic.

Candi Dasa

As a recognized resort area for over topical decades, Candi Dasa is an entryway to East Bali. Compared to the resorts in southern part of Bali, Candi Dasa is much simpler.Offering low budget accommodation and few upscale hotels, the main attraction of Candi Dasa is a dazzling landscape of the beach. Blighted by jetties protruding into the water, intended to stop the erosion caused by coral blasting for years.

Lovina Beach

In the western part of Singaraja, long stretch of black sand beach encompasses Anturan, Tukad Mungga, Kalibukbuk, Kaliasem and Temukus villages collectively called Lovina. Lining up of busy losmen and hotels with the depleted shady sea makes Lovina one of the most stirring beaches in Bali.Tranquility, incredible under water world and dolphins are the magnetism of Lovina. From Lovina, visiting Pulau Menjangan, which is a part of West Bali National Park will be interesting for diving lover.

Tanah Lot

Located in Tabanan, just across the boundary of Badung regency, Tanah Lot is the most well-known and photographed temple.A truly remarkable and feature temple, Tanah Lot is built on a stony narrow piece of terrain, which the high tides transform into an island, making right of entry from the land impossible.It is particularly reminiscent at sunset when the illumination, at times a slender thread and others, a dazzling spark, springs back the waves. The beach around Tanah Lot is less comfortable for swimming but great for horse riding and watching spectacular sunset. Although surfing can be done in this area but it’s recommended not for beginner.