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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Biji Temple

Biji Temple
It is located at Sangsit Village,Buleleng Regency,only 8 kilimeter beyond Singaraja,you will see an excellent temple of the colorful architectural style of northern Bali.Pura Beji is a Subak temple,dedicated to teh spirit that looks after irrigated rice fields.It's about half akm of the main road toward to the coast.It was built in the15th century on the site of  awell.The temple is famous for its barong architecture and virtuoso relief carving.With its courtyards of clipped grass and old frangipani trees.,it is a traquil and refreshing place.The grand gate separating the forecourt from the inner courtyard spreads almost the entire lenght of the wall and is woderfully carved on the both the inner and outer sides.The tropical shrines have staircases and turrets,and one gets feeling here that worship has something to do with the sheer pleasure of building things.

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