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Friday, June 27, 2014

“Awesome Service, highly reccomended”

“Awesome Service, highly reccomended” 5 of 5 starsReviewed June 26, 2014 NEW Thanks heaps again for the two days spent with you, your help and understanding was highly appreciated. Gede driving skills were also a plus, a smooth and comfortable ride, bali roads are crazy so it made our experience a lot better than previous tours we had been on. Gedes knowledge and honesty of Bali was both helpful and informative. We have recommended you to our friends and hope you hear from them next month. Also we were able to get the buffalo head into Australia through customs with out any problems so we were over the moon. We have since found them on eBay selling for approx $600 au so over the moon on our purchase. Visited June 2014

Friday, June 20, 2014

Tanah Lot The Most Favorite Tourist Destination

Tanah Lot The Most Favorite Tourist DestinationTanah Lot located in Beraban village, Tabanan regency, 18 kilometer to the west from Denpasar, is the most favorite location in Bali both for the domestic and foreign tourists. The tourists love to see the two temples built on the big rock and the other one on the cliff. Tanah Lot Temple is a part of Sad Kahyangan Temple, one of big temples on the island. Tanah Lot location managed professionally so that tourist would love to visit the place as the road is good, the parking lot is wide and its environment arranged beautifully. Out of many tourism objects in Bali, Tanah Lot gets high demand from both domestic and foreign tourists and it is the most crowded place visited by tourists. Tourism Department of Bali Province recorded that the number of tourists both from Indonesia and overseas visited Tanah Lot in the last five years is still the highest. The number of tourists coming to Tanah Lot in 2012 was 2.577. 299 people consist of 1,649,655 domestic tourists and 927.644 foreigners and in 2013 was 2.842.281 people consist of 1.805.193 domestic tourists and 1.037.088 foreigners, it increased at 10.28 percent. It is reasonable that Tanah Lot gets the most visited tourist attraction, said Made Sudiana, a local guide, besides its location is near from the tourism center in Kuta and Nusa Dua, in here the tourists could enjoy the beach view and temple, which none in the world could compete. Moreover, this tourist attraction offers arts performance in the form of ‘kecak’ for tourists with the background of ocean and temple view. (BTN/015)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Tumpek Landep A moment for Purification of Ancestral Heritages

Tumpek LandepTumpek Landep is celebrated every Saniscara (Saturday) Kliwon Wuku Landep. The phrase Tumpek Landep is derived from the word tumpek meaning close and landep meaning sharp. So, in the philosophical context, Tumpek Landep poses a milestone of sharpening the citta, buddhi and manas (mind). Therefore, people always behave according to clarity of mind with the foundation of religious values. With a pure mind, devotees will be able to pick and choose what is good and bad. Tumpek Landep poses veneration to Lord Shiva Pasupati as the god of taksu or divine inspiration. So, after celebrating the Sarasvati Day as the coming down of science, people invoke in order the science will be auspicious or gives sharpness of mind and heart. On the Tumpek Landep is also performed a cleansing and purification ritual to different ancestral heritages such as keris dagger, spears and so forth. Layman often considers it the anniversary of iron or metal. However, over the period, the meaning of Tumpek Landep increasingly deviates from the true meaning. Now, the community even tends to interpret the Tumpek Landep as a ceremony for motorcycles, cars and equipment made from the iron works. Indeed, this is very much distorted. It is okay to perform a ritual on Tumpek Landep to motorcycles, cars and working equipment, but do not forget the core of implementation of Tumpek Landep itself so that people always remember to sharpen their mind (manas), buddhi and citta. By doing so, people are expected to fight against ignorance, darkness and misery. Ritual of Tumpek Landep actually reminds people of always sharpening the mind so as to suppress the evil behavior within the self. In terms of the meaning of feast day, the ritual to motorcycles, cars or working equipment is more appropriately carried out on Tumpek Kuningan, namely as a thanksgiving for the facility gift of Supreme God. Hopefully, the facilities can help the activities and function well and safely. Tumpek Landep poses a milestone for introspection to improve the character pursuant to religious teachings. On Tumpek Landep, devotees should do worship in family shrine as well as in temple to invoke the blessing of Lord Shiva Pasupati to be given the sharpness of mind so that we can become a useful person to society. It is also resumed with the cleaning and purification of the ancestral heritages. For the artists, Tumpek Landep is celebrated as a worship to invoke divine inspiration so the art becomes more developed, gains an appreciation from the community and ability to convey a moral and intellectual messages to educate people. Again, it is affirmed that Tumpek Landep is not ritual for motorcycles, cars, furniture or iron, but it is more about the awareness of always sharpening the mind for the welfare of mankind. It’s okay to give ritual to motorcycles, cars and so forth as a form of gratitude, but it is only the additional value. Do not let the celebration focuses on the added values, but forget the basic core of the celebration. (BTN/ist/015)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Top tips to avoid methanol poisoning.

It can ruin holidays, and end lives - but being armed with a few simple tips can help travellers minimise the risk of methanol poisoning. Beware: If the cocktails seem ridiculously cheap, you’re probably better to steer clear. Beware: If the cocktails seem ridiculously cheap, you’re probably better to steer clear. Source: ThinkStock Top tips to avoid methanol poisoning But the risk of methanol poisoning isn’t confined to Bali, a travel expert has warned. It’s also common in other parts of the world, including Eastern Europe, travel safety specialist Phil Sylvester from Travel Insurance Direct says. But in Bali, arak - or Balinese moonshine - is the most well known source of methanol poisoning. Just a small amount of methanol could send you blind, and a decent shot could kill you, Mr Sylvester says. In 2009, 25 people were killed by one single batch. The symptoms of methanol poisoning can start immediately, with headaches, dizziness, amnesia and drowsiness. The next symptoms can include nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, blurred vision, hallucinations, seeing skin over your eyes, snowstorms, dancing spots and flashes of light. When it comes to avoiding the risk the obvious answer is to steer clear of drinking altogether, but Mr Sylvester admits that’s not practical advice. “We recognise that people are on holidays and are going to have a few drinks. We’re not wowsers about that,” he said. He recommends avoiding drinks labelled as arak, but being aware of other drinks that may be laced with the cheaper spirit. “A bar owner concerned only about profit will lace the drinks with the cheaper stuff,” he says. “It’s hard to say don’t drink crazy cocktails in Bali, but good rule of thumb is if the drinks seem ludicrously cheap, even for Bali, it’s not a good idea.” Mr Sylvester warns that from a travel insurance perspective, intentionally drinking to excess can leave you in the lurch when it comes to claiming. “When something goes wrong when you’re on holidays - if it’s as a direct result of being drunk, you’re probably not going to be covered,” he said. “But methanol poisoning can affect you with just one drink - so it’s very likely you would be covered.” The new observational-documentary series What Really Happens In Bali gives a no-holds-barred look at what really goes down in Australia's favourite tourist destination. The series is narrated by Corinne Grant. Courtesy Channel Seven. Phil Sylvester’s top tips to avoid methanol poisoning: 1. Don’t drink arak. Even the official stuff can be adulterated. 2. Don’t drink spirits (including cocktails). While this is hard, it is the only way to be certain no local substitutes have been used. If you are going to drink spirits buy the whole bottle of a brand you know, make sure it’s sealed and open it yourself to share with friends. Or, drink beer! 3. If you start to feeling any symptoms get yourself to hospital as soon as possible. 4. Know and understand the signs of methanol poisoning for yourself and any friends: - Difficulty breathing - Blurred vision - Agitation - Dizziness - Stomach pain 5. Be aware of methanol drink spiking across the globe. It is not unique to Bali, but also pretty common in Eastern Europe. Recent incidents involving Australian tourists in Bali: • Tess Mettam, from Perth, became ill and went blind for two days after drinking two cocktails at a Kuta Bar in December. • Perth teenager Liam Davies, 19, died after drinking a methanol-laced cocktail on the Island of Lombok on New Year’s Day, 2013. • Two 18-year-old Australians, a male and a female, were blinded after drinking cocktails during separate schoolies trips to Bali in November and December 2012.

“Gede - best driver in Bali”

“Gede - best driver in Bali” 5 of 5 starsReviewed June 4, 2014 NEW Gede is a great driver, reliable and he knows what he is doing. He drove us around, he shown us the Balinese culture and provide us interesting conversations. Thank you very much for your service. Our vacation in Bali is very impressive. we will definitely return to Bali. and we do not hesitate to inform your service to our friends...

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Great Holiday

We have just returned from a 10 day family holiday in Bali - based in Kuta (wanna go back!!!). We had six adults to co-ordinate transfers and day trips with ... and Gede was fabulous in helping and confirming airport transfers and day excursions. When we required more than one vehicle (i.e. all the suitcases with shopping!!!) ... he bought in extra members of his team - we had Nyoman (Norman) ... who was also terrific. I loved the flexibility of being able to change our mind and head back to Kuta when the kids decided they had enough of sightseeing - and had no problem with communication. They were reliable, reasonably priced, responded same day to emails (which was hugely appreciated Gede - so thank you), and we would all use their services again when travelling to Bali. Cheers :-)