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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Offer my clients personally customised tours

 we offer my clients personally customised tours with each itinerary especially designed to your interests and tastes.

Whether it is sightseeing, culture, art, shopping or just cruising around Bali exploring parts of the island you have never seen, i am happy to ensure your journey is relaxing and comfortable for your needs.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Fascinating Nusa Penida Island

Explore the beautiful island of Nusa Penida on a full-day tour from Bali. Relax on the white sand beaches far from the tourist crowds and experience a perfect getaway.Visit the famous Kelingking Beach for the chance to take photos of the most beautiful spot on the island. Marvel at the cliffs overlooking the Indian Ocean, and then continue to Pasih Uug (Broken Beach) and the natural pool of Angel's Billabong,and experience the peace and quite beach at Crystal Bay,known for its diving and snorkeling area.

Kelingking Beach
If you look on Instagram for Kelingking Beach you will soon realize why you should go there.Kelingking beach is 100% sure the most spectacular place on Nusa Penida. White sand and a piece of land shaped like a dinosaur head. The view from the top is incredible but be prepared if you want to hike down to the beach. This hike down is a 45-minute incredibly steep path and not very safe path.

Angel’s Billabong & Broken Beach
Nusa Penida is full of spectacular shaped locations. Broken Beach is one of them. A 45-minute bumpy ride from KelingKing takes you to this spectacular view

Crystal Bay Nusa Penida
One of the few beaches fully surrounded by palm trees,the bay is best known as one of Nusa Penida’s famous snorkelling and dive sites. Near the shore, the waves are swimmable during calmer tides with crystal-clear waters

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Kanto Lampo Waterfall

Different from many other waterfalls in Bali, which are mostly located in remote, hilly forests, this Kanto Lampo waterfall is located in a strategic place in the middle of the crowded Banjar KelodKangin in Beng village. The water in this waterfall came from a dam at the hill of the waterfall.The existence of this waterfall has turned to be a blessing for the area because inviting more tourists to come.Here you can climb to the waterfall cliff to feel the cool of the waterfall. Don’t forget to bring replacement clothes, because of course you will be drenched. Surely you must bring a camera to capture your rare moments

The water discharge of the Kanto Lampo waterfall is unstable, depending on the rain. That is why, if you want to see heavier discharge, it is better to come here after the rain or in the rainy season. However, the water on the river tends to be muddy. If you come to the waterfall in the morning and there has been no rain for some days, you will find a clearer water.

When I visited it,it was raining so colour of water is brown.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

A Day Trip to Aling-Aling Waterfall

Experience the most unique waterfall in Bali,Aling Aling waterfall in the north of Bali is an adventure heavenand If looking for an adrenaline packed day in Bali then take this tour,the beauty of Aling-Aling waterfall comes from the panorama view with the steep cliff with lush trees surrounded with a tranquil atmosphere blends with the sound of splashing water of waterfalls, sound of wild birds including other animals providing a memorable experience for everyone who visits this site.

  • The most powerful&impressive waterfalls
  • Aling Aling waterfall itself is a natural wonder
  • Surrounded by lush jungle

By doing this tour at least you will be get more experience about Bali because we driver to Sambangan village is known as the secret garden located in the north Bali, tour start around 8.00 am pick up from hotel driver about 2,5 hours directly drive to Sambangan village where is Waterfall.Here  you can do Trekking,short trekking,Medium Trekking and Long Trekking.If you are doing trekking,it be will need guide,and of course you have to extra pay for it,because price is not include guide.Why you need guide ? Because some sections where you need a guide to tell you where to jump or where to get out etc,price for guide is per person.You will find 3 waterfalls when doing trekking

  • When people talk about this little collection of waterfalls, they often call it Aling Aling Waterfall. However, the other waterfalls aren’t actually called Aling Aling. The first jump of the day was at Kroya Waterfall. It’s nothing crazy, just a 5-meter jump off of a cement platform. Super fun and a great height for everyone!
  • All of these waterfalls are literally a 10-second walk away from each other, all laid out in the same canyon. After your warm-up at Kroya Waterfall, it is time to make men of the boys. Next up is a 10m jump into the wrath of a double fall. This is what Kembar actually means: Double Falls.
  • If you survived Kroya and Kembar it is time to really test your bravery. Pucuk is approximately 15m and a really solid sized cliff jump. I wasn’t completely convinced about it but I sent a backflip here anyway and managed to land it! My friend Nic did too and I think he broke his rib haha! He never got it x-rayed but he was in pain for a few weeks. He didn’t even land to bad just a bit of over-rotation. Moral of the story: Pucuk is kinda high and there isn’t a huge margin for error.

If you’re looking for an adrenaline packed day in Bali then Aling Aling Waterfall is for you!