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Monday, April 30, 2018

Best Driver in Bali !

I found Gede from reviews here. We used him on and off for over a week. His prices are competitive, he speaks excellent English and he is very safe! He has a lovely clean van with good air con! I was traveling with my older parents had my dad sat up front with him. He had plenty of room for all of our luggage 4 big pieces and 3 carry on.

I cannot recommend him enough. He took us everywhere we wanted to go. He was always on time and super responsive on whatsapp. Don't even look at other drivers just use Gede! He truly is outstanding.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Ubud Monkey forest

Ubud Monkey forest,
There are so many monkey forest in Bali,with same type of monkey Balinese long tail monkey,in English callled Macaque.There are about 600 monkeys living this monkey forest,and diveded into 5 groups: in front of themain temple.Michelin,eastern,central and cemeteries.Each group consist of 100-120 monkeys.because of the considerable population,the confilct between groups of monkey cannot avoid.This type of primate is active during the day ana rest at night.The pregnancies of female monkey are about 6 months and generally 1 infant is born.Very rarely are twin. Monkey's baby stays with their mother for about 10 months and thereafter will be weaned to live independently.

The long tailed monkeys are omnivores.In the Monkey Forest,the main food of the monkeys is sweet potato,given 3 times a day and combine in daily with : banana,papaya leaf,corn,cucumber,coconut,and other local fruit.

Ubud monkey forest is maintance very well with friendly monkey,very clean with large parking,with new lobby and gate with for entrance,it's look wonderfull.There is short track with wooden ,It's feel walk like in the junggle with green tree and monkey jumping from one tree to the othe tree.They very cute speacially baby monkey but Don,t try to touch the baby monkey,their mother or group will be very angry and they will attack you.For your safety and convenience please read and follow the " Monkey Forest Tips " that had been placed around the area.if you bring a bag ( plastic or paper ) or plastic bottle,suggest you to entrust and left at ticket counter.

There are tree temple in the area of the Sacred Monkey Forest Santuary :

  • Pura Dalem Agung ( The main Temple ),located in the southwest area.In this temple,people worship to the God 9 Hyang Widhi ) in personification as Shiwa. The Recycler or The Transformer "
  • In the northwest area,you will find Pura Biji ( Biji Temple ).In this temple people worship to the God ( Hyang Widhi ) in personification as teh goddess Gangga.This temple is a place of purifacation before conducting the ceremony (piodalan ).Pura Beji is often used for " melukat " as spiritual and physical cleansing .
  • The third temple is Pura Prajapati.This temple is located in the northwest area.This temple is adjacent to the cemetery.In this temple Hindus worship to the God (HYnag Widhi ) in personification as Prajapati.The cemetery is used temporarily,while waiting for the day of the mass cremation which is held every 5 years.

Ubud MOnkey Forest Open Daily from 8.30 am -6.00 pm

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Cemetery at Trunyan village

Thank you for Rick Brown  and Family from Australia has been using our service during his holiday in Bali,this trip we went to Trunyan Village,located near the Batur lake,Kintamani.Lonag the way to Trunyan village ,it was wonderfull view because we drive on small road on the edge of Batur lake.Visiting Trunyan Village you need exter cost because from the village you need to get boat to the Cemetery.Most of the people who visiting Trunyan village to see cemetery.There is something speacial in this village how to buried it.

Trunyan Cemetery, accessible only by boat across Lake Batur, contains 11 bamboo cages built in the shape of triangular prisms. When a member of the village dies, their body—wrapped in white cloth with the head exposed — is placed in one of these cages. When the cages are full, the body that has been there the longest is removed to make room for the next inhabitant. The remains of the long-time resident are placed on a pile along with any other corpses that have been evicted by newcomers until all the flesh, fat, and muscle has decomposed.

When the bones are all that remain of a deceased villager, the skull is added to the growing row beneath a large Taru Menyan tree. This tree is not just decorative—the pleasant, incense-like fragrance wafting from its leaves helps neutralize the odor of the decomposing corpses.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Six Top temples you have to visit During your holiday in Bali!

Six Top temples you have to visit During your holiday in Bali!
Bali is very popular with thousand of temples,every corner in Bali you will find temple,but you have to know which temple that you must visit it.Here is 6 top temples that you must see it.Except the history of these temples,view and landscape these temples are wonderful.

Tanah Lot Tabanan, West Bali.Tanah Lot is perhaps the most frequently featured temple on Bali’s postcards. It features a unique offshore setting. The sunsets here are not to be missed.  An ancient Hindu shrine on top of an outcrop stands amidst constantly crashing waves. It is simply among Bali’s not-to-be-missed highlights on tours to Bali’s west. The temple is also an easy standalone trip, as it's a mere 45-minute drive from Kuta. The onshore site consists of smaller onshore village temples alongside visitors’ leisure facilities. These include restaurants, shops and a cultural park presenting regular dance performances.

Uluwatu Temple Uluwatu,  Uluwatu is one of Bali's picture postcard temples. The temple is also known among surfers as an exotic surf spot. The temple is on a southwest cliff top, 70 metres above the crashing waves. 'Pura Luhur Uluwatu' similarly shares the splendid sunset backdrops of Tanah Lot. However, its higher altitude provides broader seascapes. The Ramayana ballet or Kecak dance performs in an amphitheatre nearby. The show takes place during the golden sunset hours, perfect for memorable pictures. It's definitely one of the top places on the island to go to for scenic and sunset moments. You'll also witness the ancient architecture and sculptures from up close. A dense forest inhabited by grey long-tailed macaques surrounds the temple.

Besakih Temple Karangasem, East Bali ADD TO TRIP! 477 Often referred to as Bali’s ‘mother temple’, Besakih is a grand complex of different clan temples and shrines. Besakih is at 1,000 metres above sea level on the south-western slopes of Mount Agung. There are at least 70 celebrations held here each year, as each shrine has its own anniversary. Exploring the whole site can take a day. However, most visits cover only the largest and central complex, the Pura Penataran Agung. Another temple called the Pura Pasimpangan is east of the Pura Penataran Agung. On the higher slopes is Pura Pengubengan, which offers great vistas. Sarongs and sashes are available, usually for a 'donation fee' at the main entrance. You can also buy some colourful souvenir textiles at the many kiosks around the parking area.

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple Bedugul,  This picturesque landmark temple in Bali’s central highlands is on the western side of Beratan Lake. The smooth reflective surface of Beratan surrounds most of the temple’s base, creating a unique floating illusion. The mountain range provides the temple with its hazy, dreamy backdrop. The striking scenery and cool atmosphere of these uplands have made the temple a favourite sightseeing spot. The large flowering lakeside gardens offer an enjoyable time with many photographic moments. Recreational activities include short boat trips on the lake.

Tirta Empul Temple Gianyar,  Tirta Empul is a national cultural heritage site. It dates to 960 AD during the old Balinese kingdom rule of the Warmadewa Dynasty. Its name means ‘holy water spring’ and is actually the name of a water source located within the temple. This spring flows into various purification baths, pools and fish ponds. The water then flows into the Tukad Pakerisan River nearby. Various sites and archaeological relics throughout the region relate to local myths and legends. Another nearby and prominent site on top of a hill is the presidential palace, Istana Tampaksiring. This landmark was built during the years of the nation’s first president, Soekarno.

Taman Ayun Temple , The 17th century Taman Ayun temple is the main landmark of the Mengwi village in the Badung regency. It is a great example of traditional Balinese Hindu temple architecture. The temple has magnificent courtyards and enclosures. Inside is an expansive tropical garden and water features with lotus and fish ponds. The temple is a heritage site of the Mengwi kingdom and its late ruler, Tjokorda Sakti Blambangan. You can find hints of Chinese influence throughout the temple's architecture and reliefs. Towering tiers from the shrines make up most of the profile of Taman Ayun.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Barong and Keris Dance

Visiting Bali before watching any culture show,it will be feel come to bali without visiting beach because both them is icon for Bali.Today by watching culture show or dancing performance,that's mean you already support local group to preserve Balinese culture.