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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Tour Destination.

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Batu Bolong Temple is a secret Hindu temple set on the hole rock located in Tanah Lot Bali. This temple is set uniquely on small peninsula big hole underneath and it was interesting point to see when visiting Tanah Lot.
  Mangrove Forest is an alternative way to spend your romantic moment. Do not imagine to walk along a dirty mud to enjoy the spots in this forest, as a wooden road is provided to enter most of the area. Take your loved one to stroll along the wooden road, deep into the jungle, and feel the sunshine peeping through the leaves of the mangroves.

 Pengelipuran village is a traditional village which has their own charater,the beauty of the village and the surrounding act that the pengelipuran village is untouchable village by the modernization era.

 Sekumpul Waterfall is one of Bali’s most scenic natural attractions. The waterfall is actually a cluster of six to seven narrow cascades that form the centrepiece of a lush green bamboo forested valley. You can reach the falls on a nature trek through the namesake village of Sekumpul, which is located in upland region of the Buleleng regency in North Bali. The village is within an hour’s drive southeast from Lovina Beach.

 Taman Ujung ( Ujung Water Palce) is composed manily of water,garden and sculptures.It's situated at the southern east of Amlapura city.This garden is known as " palace on the watr ".It was built by the King of Karangasem called "A.A Gde DJelantik " in the year 1901.This Garden was famous in the world because a lot of photos are collected and publicized at Holland.This garden has been destroyed by the Agung's eruption for several months>UJung's traditional open palace was accumulated on the green valley with backdrop of Bibis Mountain view,Lempuyang mountain in the north and Ujung beach in the south.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Bali Island

Bali is the most popular island holiday destination in the Indonesian archipelago. That is with good reason. You’ll experience a fine combination of sandy beaches and rolling surf in Bali. The island is also home to an ancient culture that's known for its warm hospitality. Exotic temples and palaces set against stunning natural backdrops are some of its top attractions. Travel inland, and towering volcanoes and pristine jungles greet you with plenty to see and do. However, most can’t stay away from the beach for long. Dining in Bali presents endless choices of local or far-flung cuisine. After sunset, famous hotspots come to life offering exciting clubbing scenes and packed dance floors.

Bali is its people so we think about helping the Balinese and not only just about business. Over many years as I have driven around Bali as a driver, I have come to realise that many Balinese living in remote locations or lacking opportunities for education have not reaped the benefits of prosperity from tourism. Their economic situation continues to be very difficult.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Telaga Waja River

Visiting Bali without visit Beach is not feel that you are in Bali. Many other outdoor activities that you can do in Bali such as ride bike, trekking, snorkeling dive and white water rafting. I think most people already known about white water rafting. It is recreational outdoor use an inflatable raft  to navigate water.
In Bali there are few rivers that you can do white water rafting Ayung River located near Ubud,Ayung river rafting is good for beginning because this river has grade 2-4,and smooth rapid, but need more extra energy to get to river, there are long stairways to get to the river from the lobby where you start it.But panorama in Ayung River is magnificent, long the way in the river.
But in this article,it will talk about Telaga Waja River, located  on the eastern part of Bali,Karangasem ( Menanga,Rendang )about 1,5 hours  drive from Kuta.
Here is some characteristic of Telaga Waja River :
Ø  The Longest River Rafting for Rafting in Bali  : It’s offers 16 kilometers rafting route, normally take about 2.5 hours from starting point to the finishing point,but sometime take more than 2.5 hours depending on how high is the water in the river in that time when dry season water bit low, and of course need more extra energy to paddling your river raft,when wet season,it will be more fun because river rapids it will be ok.
Ø  No Long Stairways  :  Talking about white water rafting in river of course thinking about how the way to get river from starting point to the river where River Raft parking.But in Telaga Waja river most of the way to the river is not long walk or just short stairways.
Ø  Real Family Fun : Because Rapid in telaga Waja River not too strong is good  for family having fun ,Telaga Waja River has level 2- 4 river rapids classifications.
Ø  Away from Air Pollution  : Because located of this river away from city so the air still fresh .
Ø  Natural Beauty :  Telaga Waja River offers a natural tropical environment with plenty of coconut tree on the edge of Rivers,and also you see lots animal,Monkey,bird and Monitor Lizard if you are  lucky, when resting in one of rest area…Monitor Lizard will jump to the River Raft,of course Monitor Lizard will jumpin to the River Raft  when no body in the River Raft.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Trip today,January 26, 2018

Trip today January 26th,2018.
Trip today with Jonathan with his friend fromAustralia…tour start from ubud pick up time at 9.00 am,First stop at Barong and Kris Dance…… The barong – Play Represents eternal fight between good and evil spirit.Barong ( a mythological animal ) represents a good spirit and Rangda ( a mythological monster ) represents an evil one. This performance take about 1 hour.
After Barong dance …continue our trip with visiting Batuan Temple, it’s village temple but open for Public. Batuan Temple were founded in the year 944 isaka (1020 AD). Nearly 1000 years old.The Batuan Temple is a Puseh Temple category based on the concept of “Tri Kahyangan or Tri Murti” taught by Mpu Kuturan around the 10th century to the Balinese Hindu community at the time.
Tri Kahyangan or Tri Murti including 3 temples :
Desa or Village Temple as a place to worship of God Brahma (the Creator)
Puseh Temple  to worship of God Vishnu (the Preserver)
Dalem Temple  to worship of Lord Shiva (the Destroyer)
Batuan Temple is not only emitting a high spiritual vibration, but also representing the historical values. You can look inside there are many stunning ancient relics from prehistoric times.
It’s bit hot but,it’s nice weather….keep exploring Bali next stop is Tegenungan Waterfall. But not lucky because water dirty so couldn’t swim.Water bit dirty because it was raining last night,at Tegenungan waterfallyou can see waterfall from the top,,,,can enjoying the view of waterfall while enjoying Cold Beer……….time back to hotel after Tegenungan Waterfall …..drop about 1 hour to Seminyak.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Mount Batur for Trekking

Trip for those who like adventure

This is my first adventure to climb a mountain Batur-Kintamani, I often take tourists (guests) to climb but I have never accompanied them, usually I take a nap in the car at the time the the guest is gone, but this time I wanted to have a new experience. Before I left I was really perplexed and also I felt scared. "Would I be able to make it to the top?", because until this time I had never climbed. But my fears were overcome by my wish to know 'what does it feel like at the top (summit) and what is up there'? This question chased away my fear.
The three of us left Kuta at 2 AM, the feelings of fear returned to the point that I was thinking of not going along to climb. But the feeling of wanting to know was greater so the fear disappeared. We more or less covered the distance from Kuta in an hour and a half because there wasn't much traffic so that we could speed up a bit ( go fast) in order to arrive more quickly.
.Finally we arrived at our destination. At the start of the climb there were two trails; the one closer to Pura Jati was for those who wanted to climb to the summit starting from a further distance but a less steep ( flatter) trail. We started our climb from the other trail on the eastern slope of the trek. The air was very cold ( tiang bingung yen 'begitu', so cold, very cold, rather cold?) and it was also very dark. After we met out guide, we started to climb. Before I proceeded onward, I thought "was there anything that we needed that was at the bottom? Food? Drink?". We started to trek in the dark of the night so our guide brought us a flashlight. I was in the first group that left. I was afraid my fears would again show up because before we had traveled 30 minutes, I was out of breath because the trail was becoming steep and rocky. My friends and I walked rather slowly. Below us I was able to see a light that was moving. The closer the light got the more it moved.....the shining light was like a butterfly, the longer the time, the closer it got. Because I was hiking rather slowly, finally that group of tourists with the light went ahead of us. The farther they went the more they were lost in the dark of the night so that all that was seen was the shine of their lights.

The longer I walked, the more I was out of breath. I started to think about stopping because I was really tired, and my legs were feeling really heavy. Luckily, my guide was giving us encouragement, 'Keep going, don't give up'. Our guide kept saying we were already getting close. The color red was already starting to appear in the eastern sky, and I myself slowly walked with the remaining energy I had. The conditions were getting clearer and I began to be able to see around me. The beauty was beginning to appear, before I could only see darkness. The feeling of exhaustion started to be healed by the view that was so beautiful.
The sun began to appear, ...finally I myself arrived at the summit....I was so happy..the feelings of exhaustion disappeared as I was able to see the view from the summit. It was a really really good feeling....the view was so astonishing... beautiful very beautiful. The beauty of the view was worth the exhausting efforts!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

A true an excellent tour guide!

Upon arrival in Bali, we were warmly welcomed by our Driver/Tourist Guide Gede, my name was mentioned on the board and we felt welcomed and with such a friendly atmosphere we had a fantastic start! The guide and tour were extremely good, very flexible (appreciate this!) and for that, he deserves special thanks. We had 5 great days there, which obviously also added up to the experience.

Gede is such a warm personality and highly motivated guide (recommendable!). I truly enjoyed walking through the area. The scenery was beautiful and it was a relief to walk in such a quiet and peaceful environment.

The atmosphere is so special that it really felt like home to all of us. All respect for Gede who does a great job there; a true sample of an excellent tour guide!

Many thanks again and I recommend Bali Driver Gede - Day Tours to everyone!