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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Travel Tips to Bali 2020

Whether you’re a Bali first-timer or a regular, these Bali travel tips will always come in handy.

You can have the most wonderful time of your life or even experience some unfortunate events when traveling to Bali.

Just like visiting any new country, understanding the island before you arrive can help you manage your expectations.

The island is beautiful, but of course there are certain things that simply don’t work the way you are used to.

Make the most out of your trip to the island of Gods by following these Bali travel tips.

Stay safe on the road
If you’re using a motorbike to scoot around the island, always wear a helmet!

You may see many people on the roads without helmets, or in some cases even shirts, however, it is required by Indonesian law to wear and clip up your helmet when you ride, and, you will need one to stay safe.

Road accidents do happen, and it is better to be safe than sorry. Falling off your scooter hurts but having protective gear will minimize the damage.

If possible, also wear a jacket to prevent any scratches and to protect you from sun burn. If you plan to drive, make sure you have an international driving license.

If not, then simply order online transportation to commute around the island.

Expect hot sunny days
As a tropical island, Bali has the best weather all year long. Most days, you will be bathed in warm sunshine and it is best to always use a sunblock.

Forget your jeans. Pack your shorts, bikinis, sunglasses, and even bring a cap or a hat. Use cotton t-shirts and open toe-shoes.

Don’t forget to drink a lot of water as well, but not from a tap. Bring your own water bottle or purchase bottled water in mini markets instead.

Keep your belongings safe
Although Bali is a safe island, petty crime and snatch-theft does occasionally happen unfortunately. As a precaution, always use a safety deposit box if it is available in your hotel.

Keep your doors and windows locked at all times. When walking on the streets, always carry your bag in front of you and never flash any fancy items.

Avoid “Bali belly”
You don’t want to leave the island with bad memories of you rushing back and forth to the bathroom caused by “Bali belly” – basically, diarrhea triggered from consuming food and drinks with bad hygiene.

This is a relatively common ailment, but there are a number of ways to avoid it.

  • Be cautious of where you are eating. Only eat from trustworthy restaurants.
  •  Some of our recommendations are :
  •  Kuta – Pavoz Bar & Restaurant
  •  Legian – Topix Asia Restaurant
  • Drink filtered or bottled water only. Avoid getting water in your mouth during a shower.
  • Always wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer.
  • Know where your fruits and veggies come from. Always wash them first before consuming. It  is best to buy whole fruits and cut them up yourself rather than buying peeled and pre-cut  fruits.
  • Make sure to stay safe during your trip by following the above Bali travel tips. Enjoy a pleasant holiday by staying with us at Sun Island Bali.

We have plenty of accommodation for you to choose from hotel in Kuta or Legian, resort, villas or suites! All located in close proximity to popular tourist areas.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

The Best of Ubud Tour : Private All-Inclusive Tour

Experience the artistic heritage of Ubud on a full-day tour of Bali. To see the daily life of traditional ubud community will attract you to always come to this area. We know how to invite you to explore this place as we live daily and become part of this community. The tours will allow you to see Tegenungan Waterfall where a massive water fall and flowing along Petanu River in Ubud. Then othe way to Elephant Cave Temple you may stop at Mas Village with its popular high quality wood carving. Next, visit Goa Gajah or Elephant cave temple is an archaeological site where relic-filled courtyard and view the rock-wall carvings, a central meditational cave, bathing pools and fountains. After that, stop at Ubud Monkey Forest the home of more than 600 long tailed macaques in the tropical green forest. Ubud traditional market and King’s Palace is your next stop. Walk and find some arts souvenir along the hundreds traditional shops and view the King’s palace nearby. Finally, do not miss the chance to see magical Tegalalang rice terrace  a favorite stop for nature lovers, painters, and amateur photographers. Irrigated by traditional methods, these terraced rice paddies provide sustenance for the local farming population and draw international visitors interested in soaking up some of the timeless Balinese atmosphere and coffee plantation for traditional coffee experience.

– Tegenungan waterfall

– Wood carving village

– Elephant cave temple

– Ubud monkey forest

– Ubud traditional market and king’s palace

– Tegalalang rice terrace

– Coffee plantation (optional)