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Friday, February 23, 2018

Trip on February

Thank you fof Mr.ALex Volynsky from Ukraine but They live in Seatle USA, who visiting Bali by cruise Holland America - Volendam .
Exploring Bali in two days,,,visitin,..Ubud....mengwi royal family,tanah lot temple....Dream land beach....Uluwatu temple and Nusa Dua.
Hopefully bring sweet memory and back to Bali.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Taman Ayun Temple

Taman Ayun
Taman Ayun,which means beautiful garden,with a panoramic view of beautiful water park empire,captivating also cool water,this place is very attractive and suitable to servce as spritual attraction,rt and culture where tourist seemed to be in the heday of the royal Mengwi.Taman Ayun is a true symbol of the nobility charm.

Taman Ayun Located in the village of Mengwi,Badung,approximately 30 minutes driver to north of the city of Denpasar.It was precisely constructed in 1634 bt the first king of the Kingdom of Mengwi,I Gusti Agung Ngurah Made Agung Sakti or Tjokorda Blambangan.Taman Ayun Temple serve as a source of irrigation,Pura mother and unifying the community.Irrigation fuction indicated by the pools that surround the temple thats used by farmers to be used as a source of irrogation,in which water pools were channeled to the rice fields around the temple.Mother Temple and unifying function,indicated by the prensense of the temple as a place of worship for the people who the same ancestral lineage,so as to unite them as a big family.

Given the history of the establishment and its functions,it can be said Taman Ayun Temple is a combination of natural beauty and springs with the expertise of a king Tjokorda Way Blambangan successfully intergrate into a beautiful place as well as  build an irrigation system for the prosperity of its people.A perfevt  harmony between  man and nature  that should be preserved.Taman Ayun Temple is in order  with the concept of the traditional Balinese garden surrounded by an artificial river with  a variety of rare plant species typical of Bali.The beauty of the landscape coupled with the sacred building Meru overlas SOLAS ( the building with the roof of the fibers that accumulte above amounts to eleven ) Meru typify sthana believed to be a sacred place of the gods.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Melasti Ceremony

Melasti is yadnya ceremony which is aimed to purify oneself spritually and physical,namely,by enhancing the serenity of mind,the procession to purufy the universe si symbolized by serving the offering to the sea and purification to all statue,Pratima,Nyasa,pralingga symbol or sthana ( shire ) of Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa,God Almighty in all His manifestation.

Melasti which is also called as Melis or Mekiis is done three days before Nyepi Holiday which aimed to remove all kinds of defilement thoughts,words and deeds,as well as to obtain holy water for life.Melasti can be done at the sea,lakes,and purified water spring.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran beach ie one of the beaches in the south side of the International Village of Kuta about 30 minutes drive and 10 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport through by Pas Ngurah Rai to the south.

White sandy beaches,clear and clear water,makes it comfortamble to swim,relax and sunbath.There are some great hote;s with complete facilities in international standardin Jimbaran beach.Seafood cafes lining along Jimbaran Beach is unique.Locates in quiet fishing village ,these cafes were originally from some reed hits on the beach which gradually evolved into q well established culinary industry.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Trip This week (7-9 Feb) wtih Phillipines Customer.

Firstly Thank you to Mr.Willbert Crus and his friend Lace Ragaza from Phillipines,already use our service for 3 days.

1st Day that do Kintamani tour,this the most tour that peoples take it,it will be visit;
Batubulan to enjoying perfomance barong Dance,take 1 hours,,then continue trip to visit long tail monkey at Ubud Monkey forest,this monkey forest quite big with friendly monkey and nice path for walk around...from here we directly to Mount Batur or Volcano to enjoying magnificent view.It was bit cloudy when we were here but still lucky,mount batur still appear,the weather is really cold,,keep moving to coffee plantation to try kopi luwak,it will be good because cold to warm the body,,,last stop for this trip is Tirtaempul.holy spring temple,not so crowded bit sill lots people who want to purification their soul,not only local but there are touirst who believe it.

2nd Day...Bedugul & Tanah lot
Our tour start bit late because,they want to enjoying sunset at Tanah lot temple,Our 1st stop at Royal family temple,,and to Bedugul to visit Batur lake and Ulun danu temple,very cold here.if visiting this temple.don't forget to bring jacket...from Ulun Danu temple we drive to Tanah Lot,,,this time not lucky because we could not enjoying sunset becasue clody.

3rd Nusa Dua & Kecak Dance Uluwatu.
This is very relaxing tour because Willbert & Lace want spend their time in one of resort in NUsa Dua,they spend time in resort more than 5 hours..meet then about 4.30 pm,drive to Uluwatu to enjoying Kecak Dance and Sunset...this time is very lucky because it is wonderful sunset.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Kuta Beach

Talking about Bali,Of Course Kuta will be in our mind and automatically we will reminded about the surfing beach,shopping lot and one of the most crowded night life which usually open till late night.
It's phenomenal every year Kuta will be dirty in between January- February.It's nature circulation,storong current from indian ocean will bring all rubbish to the beach.

Any kind of rubbish,but mindly wood and plastic.Usually every morning,goverment staff and peoples who making money from kuta beach will hand in hand to clean the beach from rubbish, to make beach looks beautiful and comfortable for visitor.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island
Menjangan island It lies at Sumber Klampok village,Groggak district,Buleleng Regency,under the maintenance of Natural Reservation Association of Bali Province.It is about 76 kilometers from Singaraja city. It will be take about 3 hours drive from Denpasar,drive throu Munduk.

It is small island in the west Bali National park,rigt in the North West cornen of Bali.A long away drive from Denpasar-three hours by car,and then Labuhan Lalang board on motorized wooden boat to Menjangan Island it takes abour 30 minutes on the calm sea.Possible do as a one day trip,but better stay night near by here,if you want to do dive or snorkelling.

Menjangan island well known diving site in Bali due to its fine and preserved corals and rich aquatic animal,truquoise clear water,and very calm sea.Every divers coming to Bali emphasize on diving program in Bali will put Menjangan Island and Tulamben sites as the priority sites.Menjangan island is unpopulated,but there is an old temple,supposed to originate from 14th century named "Pura Giri Kencana".It's popular not only for dive site but also for snorkeling,Menjangan Island with beautiful coral and abundant tropical fish is claimed to be one of the best Bali diving or snorkeling site must be offered.If you lucky you can  see deer in this island," Deer" in Baliese language is "Menjangan" that why this island called Menjangang Island.

No need to worry about gear for diving or snorkeling,because snorkeling gear shops for rent are available at Labuhan Lalang,as well as local restaurants.