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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pagerweis Day

Balinese people will commemorate Pagerwesi Day. The word Pagerwesi is derived from two Javanese words, pager (fence) and wesi (iron). Pagerwesi literally means the day of "iron fence".
Pagerwesi is dedicated to honour Siva, the God manifestation as Sanghyang Pramesi Guru, guardian of the universe, which is meant to ask for protection and prosperity. Pagerwesi has a very close relationship with Saraswati which falls four days after Saraswati Day. After people received knowledge on Saraswati Day, Pagerwesi is the day to show our respect to the teacher and the main Guru (God or Siva). Another correlation between Saraswati and Pagerwesi is that the knowledge must be protected from bad influences and misuse. Pagerwesi is the day when Balinese fortify the space around themselves to ward off evil spirits, a day of offerings for the protection of the village and families and the world around them. On this day, villagers take offerings to cemeteries for the un-cremated dead. Celebrated in every home compound and temple throughout Bali, Pagerwesi is a popular time for large and colorful temple ceremonies, notably at Payogan Agung Temple in Ketewel. As on the day Galungan, on the day of Pagerwesi, “penjors” (a tall decorated bamboo poles) are raised which makes it a day as almost as important as Galungan. This ceremony is almost strictly observed in Buleleng regency. Pagerwesi Day will be preceded by the celebration of Soma Ribek, which falls on Monday, 18 September 2006, during which time a series of ritual ceremonies are held. The word Soma Ribek is derived from Soma which means Monday and Ribek which means full. On this day, Balinese people bring offerings to the rice box. They thank God for food and beverage in their lives and pray to Dewi Sri (Goddess of Prosperity) for prosperity. The philosophy of Soma Ribek Day is food and beverage, which is the third most important thing for human life. Following Soma Ribek celebration, Balinese people will carry on to celebrate Sabuh Emas Day, which falls on Tuesday, 19 September 2006 when colorful offerings especially gold jewelries and Chinese coins are made and dedicated to the Lord of Jewelries. The philosophy of Saraswati and Pagerwesi celebrations are that people must keep knowledge, health, food, cloth and gold high in their lives to keep the universe in balance.

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