Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dahlia & Rosita

Thanks for making our short stay in Bali worth to be remembered. In 2 and 1/2 half days, we were able to enjoy Bali’s most tourist spots and feel the warmth and sincerity of the Balinese.
I and my sister would like to thank both of you for being helpful and thoughtful to find the “Muslim Halal’ eatery place as well the ‘musollah’/ masjid for us to stop to perform our prayer.
I am very fascinated with the information given by both of you in regards with Bali day to day life culture, history and values.
As a lover of traditional art & culture I find the trip that you have arranged for us have met my expectation and I am very satisfied with the arrangement, reasonable price and punctuality. We don’t feel that we were guided by a tourist guide in fact we feel like we were guided by our own friends.
Last but not least, I really appreciate in the effort that you’ve made in finding me the local durian (the green durian) which I love the most during the last day of our trip.
We hope to be able to experience what we have missed during this trip in the near future. We would like to wish both of you great success in your area and I strongly recommend both of you to others especially the first timer and the Muslim visitors in Bali.

Dahlia & Rosita
of KL/Sarawak Malaysia

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